Education in Tanzania

Education is a vital part of the struggle to end poverty in Tanzania.

The Ifakara Bakery Project Charity is working to help children build a future for themselves and their communities, by giving them an opportunity of attending school or college.

The Charity supports kindergartens for children from 3 to 6 years, and provides bread on a daily basis for the pupils. This has given a lifeline to many who would otherwise have very little food, and is the first important step in their education.

From 2005 the Government provided compulsory primary school education for children aged 7 to 14 years; but pupils are expected to pay for books, paper, pencils, and other learning materials which many parents struggle to provide. The young people are taught English from 10 or 11 years. At the end of primary school they sit an examination and the results provide an indication of whether they will be academically able to do well at secondary school.

Unfortunately, irrespective of these results, many families are unable to pay the cost of  further education and Employers are reluctant to consider job applications without a secondary school certificate.

If you are able to sponsor a kindergarten, or a secondary school child then please email me, for further details. Your gift will make a difference to a young person’s life in Tanzania. Any amount, however small, will help achieve this and no deduction will be made for administration charges.

For more information about the charity please visit and Please follow the link if you would like to read the Charity's 2014 newsletter

Thank you for reading this page, and for giving a child the opportunity he or she might not otherwise have had.

Registered Charity No: 1114531