Saturday, 14 November 2015

A Monk, and his beliefs...

When I began to write about Durstan, The Monk who Cast a Spell  I thought a lot about belief in the 8th century; how this would have been affected by the social, economic and political climate of the day.  The early Christian Church was trying to gain a stronger foothold in the British Isles, and there was history too! 

Durstan would have felt much closer than we do to the Roman occupation which started in 43 AD, and the Druids of that time. People would have walked amongst the standing stones; had their own evidence of an earlier man, the Bronze Age and before.

Archaeology has discovered now that Stonehenge may have been connected to nearby places, such as Durrington Walls and its timber henge. Click here to read about this.

Would Durstan have known more about these ancient places than we do, from the tales which were told around the hall fire in the 8th century? I think he probably would have done. People traveled in early times, and would have talked about important sites. The druids and scops, or poets of the time, reminded them too of what shouldn't be forgotten. 

The Monk was born on Iona; and there are many ancient sites in the Hebrides, such as Callenish and Scara Brae. Would he have experienced the same sense of awe as we do, if he had visited them? I like to think so... 

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