Saturday, 10 October 2015

A day out ...and books which inspired my novels

I visited Birmingham in the UK last Sunday, and had almost forgotten the hustle and bustle of the city where I worked for many years. New buildings reaching out to the skyline were a surprise, and old ones no longer there. 

I was pleased to see again the iconic Bull, which still stands proud in the Bull Ring shopping centre

I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant, enjoyed walking around, and went to Waterstones book store; where you can lose your soul and wallet quite easily, in the magic of the endless shelves. 

But I knew where I was going! I headed straightaway to the history books, and bought The King in the North by Max Adams It's about Oswald of Northumbria in 634 AD; earlier than when my tale takes place, but it helped me see the way life could have been for Durstan, in Lindisfarne during 800 AD.

I read this book some time ago, and I wanted a paperback copy for my own bookshelves. I thought too of Adomnan, 9th Abbot of Iona, who wrote The Life of St Columba It was nowhere to be found...

but I was delighted to discover Mercia: The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Central England by Sarah Zaluckyj I have been researching Mercia for my 2nd novel. It's the Kingdom which adjoins Northumbria, where Durstan is, and I hadn't as yet read this book.

My £20.00 voucher was quickly gone, plus a few GBP more, but it was a wonderful day; another to cherish. I went home, tired and happy, with inspiration to write more...

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