Friday, 7 August 2015

The Monk who Cast a Spell is reduced in price... only on 7th August!

For one day only on Friday, 7th August...

The Monk who Cast a Spell will be on sale on Amazon Kindle for $1.55 US and £0.99p UK Click here to follow the link 

History, Magic, and a forbidden love in 794 AD. Durstan is the Monk who Cast a Spell. He falls in love with Ailan after their sexual awakening at Beltane, is drawn to Beth when he thinks he has lost her, and becomes injured then in a Viking raid.

The story takes place at a time when the early Christian Church is trying to gain a stronger foot hold in the British Isles, whilst people still worship the Gods of their Ancestors. They use charms, amulets , spells for protection and there's the magic too of Brionach the Druid.

The Monk who Cast a Spell is a great story, and Durstan's goal? It's to regain Ailan's love. 

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