Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How I became a Writer (Part 1) ~ finding my voice

Motivation is an important factor in reaching a goal, what it is we would truly like to achieve, and the reason for our actions. 

I wanted to write historical fiction and be a published author, so how did I do it? I practised every day, whenever and as often as I could, because I had to teach myself to write... 

...and I enjoyed the journey. 

I wrote poetry to explore the nuances of words, phrases; short stories set in different times and places; even non-fiction. I worked in many genres to stretch my imagination, and skill. 

The books I read complimented this. I didn't always read what I wanted to. I delved into the unknown to learn more, things which hadn't earlier been of interest, and I also researched my subject: the 8th century.

I knew already about love, but I would be writing about real life in my novels and that isn't always nice, so I explored the extremities of violence; the paranormal; erotica, and much more in the words I wouldn't share with others. 

The story line in my novel came through then onto the page, in a more realistic way, because I had delved deeper into it. I had lived in my earlier writing through the horror of a Viking raid; the domestic violence to which Ailan is subjected; the madness of Edgar Addle-Head; the mysticism of Brionach the Druid, and much more... I had found my voice!

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