Thursday, 21 May 2015

Magic... and The Monk who Cast a Spell

Magical spells were written on curse scrolls and tablets, used by the ancient Romans during their occupation of the British Isles from AD 43 to around AD 410. They were an attempt to exact revenge for misdeeds, often thefts of money, clothing or animals and could even ask for the death of a wrongdoer.

A curse scroll illustrates the importance ordinary people placed in "magic", and the trust they had in their Gods to protect them. It's an important theme in my debut novel about Durstan, The Monk who Cast a Spell.

(A curse scroll from John Willetts' collection of Roman artifacts, and posted here with his kind permission.)

Although Durstan's story is set in 794 AD, I found from my research that many people still believed in the power of the Old Gods...

The Monk who Cast a Spell is available now from Amazon, UK USA Barnes and Noble and in other places.

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