Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Monk who Cast a Spell is about Love

An important part of Durstan's religious belief is that love belongs to everyone. When the Monk falls in love with Ailan, he realises his life has to change. He can no longer endure the Abbot's harsh discipline or deprivation at the Iona Monastery, because there's no love in it.

It was not unusual in the 8th century British Isles for a 7 year old boy like Durstan to be taken from his family and left at a Monastery, or fostered with another family to promote an alliance between different warlords and Kings, but we all need love! 

Durstan begins to regard Roy the Blacksmith as a father figure, and is reunited later with his sister Mora, but it's Ailan to whom he has truly given his heart!

The Monk who Cast a Spell is the story of a young man's journey of the soul, and the eventual realisation that "it's the love between us that matters the most".

And from Ailan's part in the story, it also becomes apparent that we should not only be kind to others but ourselves too, for the world to be a much better place. 

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As it's Spring in the UK, I've filled this post with flowers. I hope you enjoy seeing them, and are having a great weekend.