Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Monk who Cast a Spell and The Ifakara Bakery Project Charity

There's steps in every writer's journey, from the first word written to finding a voice, and being able then to finish the poem or story which comes truly from the heart. 

In my case it began with poetry, an occasional short story, and now a novel The Monk who Cast a Spell published by Motivational Press on 16th March. 

An important part of the journey was when I ran a writing competition in 2012 on behalf of the Ifakara Bakery Project Charity I published a Hope and Dreams Charity Anthology from winning and selected entries. All funds raised were sent to Ifakara to buy bread for the children.

Margaret and Eugene Schellenberg started the Charity in 2001 and built a bakery in Ifakara. They continue to raise £30,000 annually to fund the cost of 120,000 loaves of bread for the kindergartens, the hospital and leprosy centre, those with disabilities and many more. 

I was sad to learn recently that what has proved to be a highly successful venture is now under threat. The Sisters of St Francis bake between 400 and 900 loaves daily, and a local government department has said they will need to make alterations to the current site if they are to be allowed to continue. 

Many have come to regard the bread as a lifeline, so this is very serious news. If you can help in any way to raise funds for the cost of the building work, roof, windows and doors please let me know, or you can contact the Charity direct. 

I will be giving talks to local groups and, on radio, about the work being undertaken by the Charity; my writing too... 

I am working on a sequel to Durstan's story, which will be part 2 of the Iona Trilogy. I wanted to write historical fiction since I was a child, and some dreams can come true.

Thank you for visiting the Hope and Dreams blog. I hope you have a great week. Don't give up your dreams!