Thursday, 1 January 2015

Be the Best You Can Be in 2015!

A new year begins, and the opportunity to write on an empty page.

I've looked at what I achieved in 2014; thought about what I would like to change, and how I can carry on creating the life I want. Durstan, "The Monk Who Cast a Spell", inspired me to do something which I have always wanted to do: be a historical fiction author.

I was a lawyer for many years and told myself that I couldn't write stories whilst handling personal injury claims, but I still loved history and books. I simply didn't have the life plan to include them. 

I realise now that if there is something which you want to do, and its buried deep within, it does belong on your path.

When I began helping my son in his business in 2013, I used my time in a different way, and I gave myself permission to make a start. I made a plan then on how to go about it. I wrote seriously every day with the finished book in mind, and the more I did the more I believed it could happen. I'm writing book 2 now, as the Monk's story continues!

I've learned it's best to have the goal firmly in mind. Break the plan down into manageable steps, then action them. Reward yourself as encouragement to carry on, and don't give up! I bought a desk when I finished book 1. I knew there would be others to follow.

Change can be difficult, but if there is something you would really like to do why not think seriously about it? Today is a good time to begin, and take the first step. 

Be the best you can be! Happy New Year, Google+ Friends. May all your dreams come true in 2015. 

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