Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas is Love

It's only one day, isn't it? A time for children, not us! All we'll do is eat and drink too much, regret it afterwards! I can't afford expensive presents! I'm not religious! I'm on my own so what's the point? 

There's more, but if you believe the true message of Christmas is love ~ for one another, friends and family, ourselves then the season will have a very different meaning. 

The woman who lives alone but is excited about decorating her apartment for Christmas; the man who is looking forward to eating a festive dinner with his family; the puppy which can be walked for the first time on Christmas morning, and being with the children when they open their presents. 

What about the restaurant which is serving lunch to the homeless on Christmas Day? The Ladies from the local Church who are disappointed they can't do more, and are filling shoe boxes with gifts for children in war torn countries.

Christmas is a time for love... acts of kindness. May the magic of the season be in your heart, the beauty of a winter blue sky, the lengthening day and sparkle in a child's eye seeing Santa Claus. There's so much to be thankful for...

It's a time to remember those who have gone, family and friends. "Times Past" was the first of my poems to be published a few years ago. It appeared in the Winter issue of  a small press magazine,"Countryside Tales":

                    Old age memories, times past,
                    summers of stolen years,
                    winters spent at blazing logs
                    and holly berried Christmases, snow.

                    A lifetime of seasons, days gone by,
                    thought lives on as light grows dim.

                    Friends and family who have left 
                    stay in our hearts, much loved
                    if not more so, than years spent then.

I hope you have a wonderful time filled with peace and joy, from Yule to Christmas Day and the New Year.

Happy Christmas! Thank you for visiting the Hope and Dreams Blog.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Let there be Fire in your Heart

December in the UK is a cold month with hoar frost, ice and sometimes snow but we have holly's deep red berries and the cheerful robin too.

It's a season of darkness, also joy and light. Christmas is almost here. The full Moon shines on frost covered trees to create a magical landscape. A time for giving gifts and of looking forward to the New Year ahead.

We have fire to keep us warm, light our homes. It mirrors the strength of the Sun, the heat of passion. Gazing into it's heart can give inspiration and spiritual illumination.

The orange, red and gold of the flames create atmosphere in my novel "The Monk who Cast a Spell". Durstan falls in love with Ailan before the dying embers of the fire in 794 AD.

In Chapter 17 the Yule feast is in progress at Lord Duncan's enclosure on Mull. "The massive log had been brought in from the forest before the blizzard began in earnest. It was burning well in the fire pit at the centre of the Hall... The Druid had been out with his sickle knife to cut the sacred mistletoe. It was hanging from the beams and candlelight danced at every turn."

Winter, a time to rest and ruminate... but let there also be fire in your heart to warm body and soul. Be inspired, live and love in the warmth from the hearth! Look forward to the Yule and Christmas festivities, a new Year soon to be here.

And I love to see the Poinsettia again in December with it's beautiful crimson petals...

Thank you for visiting the Hope and Dreams blog. I hope you have a great weekend, Google+ Friends.