Sunday, 12 January 2014

Under a January Sky - a new poem

The words for a poem can come from many different places. I've recently discovered a number of inspiring photographs posted by the Google + communities, and I wrote the poem below last night.

Under a January Sky

The moon descends a cobalt sky,
touches the silver sea, as it falls
into the whispering wave, and
so the dark curtain is drawn.

The Sun's fire is hidden behind
a field of twinkling stars, 
it's time to sleep once more,
through this winter's night.

January is the month of continuity and change, keeping the old and introducing the new. It's a time when we may reflect on life as it has been and how we would like it now to be.

I hope that your first few days of 2014 have been good ones and that the remainder of your year will be too.