Saturday, 19 October 2013

It's all about Writing!

I'm editing the first draft of my novel and trying hard not to do any more research. I want to finish writing the story, but there's still a few gaps left to fill, and some where the archaeology hasn't yet been able to complete an eighth century jigsaw puzzle. It's a fascinating time to write about.

I've written a number of poems too over the last couple of years, and would like to enter some competitions. I'm also thinking of compiling a poetry Anthology.

Scribble is a good venue for short stories Prize Magic has lots of ideas about where to submit the poems 

I've recently discovered Twitter, the challenge of 140 characters or less. Please follow me   

I love old poetry Anthologies. An extract from an anonymous poem, printed in the 1918 edition of A Garland of Quiet Thoughts, makes me think that the writer understood the value in quiet perseverance.  

"And on through the hours
The quiet words ring,
Like a low inspiration -
"Doe the nexte Thynge."

We do though keep going as that's the nature of life, but every time we do something different it changes us, however imperceptibly, and which leads then to more change. I guess that's also the case when we write, helping us find our elusive voice, and hopefully then publication.

Here's one of the poems I wrote some time ago about the changing seasons in a relationship.

"The snow's cold tonight,
my love, icicle
fingers tingle.

A teardrop froze
on stained window glass,
did you see it,
feel the distant touch
of Spring? It's waiting 
for a thaw, to kiss 
again the snowdrop.

I remember,
just that our love
was once as wild 
as the summer berry
in the forest,
where magic walks
under the oak.

And now...
word - the sharp sting 
of the nettle bed."

Snowdrops in Spring represent hope, new beginnings, the place we can eventually reach as we carry on. Happy writing, have a great weekend!

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