Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tomorrow's Passing Place

Do you remember last year
the passing place on the narrow road,
it was signposted?
We smiled politely, said we needed one
on the tarmac to Sullom Voe,
slipping down into an oily terminal,
the nowhere really inlet
where you carried on when I turned back.
You didn't realise I wasn't with you,
couldn't see me waiting for you,
before I had to go the other way.

We both missed our son.
He stopped long enough
to call our names, couldn't reach us,
had to continue silently alone.
But you didn't give up!
You said you could see him still,
touch his tiny heart in the passing place,
that I never could.
I couldn't stay long enough for all of us
in a single breath.

It's strange how we have become invisible,
you and I - searching for a safe place
where we might manage another day,
with hearts wintered, love trickled in ice.

But Spring will be here soon.
Leaves that unfurl in blossom scented breeze,
nature's beauty caressing us both, gently.
Perhaps it can be then, my love,
we shall meet again in our passing place?

This week's Magpie Tales image is a photograph by Steven Kelly taken at a passing place near Sullom Voe in Shetland. If you would like to read more poems and stories based on this please visit http://magpietales.blogspot.com/