Saturday, 3 August 2013

Julia's Blog, the Anthology and Friends

I've wanted to say this for a long time - I love blogging! I've made lots of new friends across the world and it encourages me to keep writing. 

I was so pleased when Julia, whose blog I've followed from the start of mine, asked to review the Hope and Dreams Anthology which I compiled earlier this year in aid of the Ifakara Bakery Project Charity.

If you would like to read Julia's post "Life stories and a meaningful cause" then please follow the link

Her blog is full of interesting quotes; poetry; reviews and writing. She has highlighted the work being undertaken by the Charity in Tanzania and mentions favourite stories from the Anthology.

It made me think again about the poems and stories which were submitted to the competition last year. I appreciate that my opinion isn't impartial but I really did enjoy reading them all, and was sorry I couldn't include many more. As a writer I know just how much of ourselves we put into our words, and possibly even more so when they are sent to support a charitable cause such as this, to buy bread for those in need in Tanzania.

So, thank you again to everyone who contributed as all the stories and poems were part of the journey, and a single competition entry fee of £2.50 bought 10 loaves of bread which means a great deal to a child in Ifakara.

I still have a few more Anthologies to sell from the first print run, to buy more bread, and if you would like a copy the details are on the Hope and Dreams Anthology and Donations Page. Thank you.

Please leave a comment too as I would love to hear from you and about how your weekend is going.