Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Writer, Coffee and a Car

My day usually begins early with a mug of coffee, checking emails and the blog, followed by a look at as many others as I have time to read before work.

I found the little blue car yesterday on It was posted by Tess Kincaid as part of a blog hop and will be followed by other images every Sunday. 

The idea is to write a short poem or story about the picture, and leave details of your blog on Magpie Tales after you've done it, so the others know you are taking part.

I didn't have long to write a poem this time but I came up with a few words.

I saw them fly overhead -
balloons, a little blue car.
Whether real, or dream instead,
they're travelling near and far.

Let's follow them on high,
at night, and every day.
Driving across the sky,
where we're going who can say?

For life's an adventure, it's here!
Take fun, happiness in your hand.
Hold on tight, put the car in gear,
we'll find a good place to land.

I hope you decide to take part, please let me know if you do and have a great week!