Sunday, 30 June 2013

What to Wear?

Sequins sparkle in camera light,
dance on the red carpet.

Sewn with pricked fingers,
hope threaded through
the eye of a needle.

The leading man holds her hand,
as privileged they glide
amongst the lining beautiful,
with heels touching the sky.

Love is woven in slinky silk,
it diamond glitters
in the marriage of stars,

and the future beckons,
in a little black dress.

This was a poem I wrote some time ago. I called it "Every Girl should have one!" as you'll find that little black dress (not Brad Pitt) in many ladies' wardrobes. It's there for a special occasion, maybe not a red carpet event but you get the idea. 

Whether or not we approve of it we are judged by others on our appearance, how appropriately we are dressed and we can fall victim to being stereo typed by our clothes. I'm conscious for this reason of what  characters wear in my stories. 

Clothes can carry memories of occasions when they were worn in the past, happy and sad times. The opinions of other people, their likes and dislikes, may have an effect on a character's appearance.

Then, as in my poem, there are the people who  make the clothes. They may too influence the story in some way, for example shoes are very important to us. Shaiba and Romanus live in Tanzania. They are disabled and despite financial difficulties have managed to set up a small business making footwear. Would this be important to the person who buys the shoes? 

This post began as a thought about a little black dress, but I realise now there's a bit more to it.

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