Tuesday, 11 June 2013

School Stories

My parents moved house several times when I was growing up so I went to a few different schools. Mum and Dad didn't have to worry about finding another one as there were plenty, and I went on to University to start training as a Solicitor. 

I was lucky as this isn't every child's experience.

My page on education in Tanzania highlights this, and how being unable to pay for secondary school fees can leave pupils there at a disadvantage on the job market when they reach it.

I remember Dad used to sit with me and help with homework. I was never a "scientist" or "mathematician" and loved getting the extra help.

The Ifakara Bakery Project Charity helped establish the Valenova Foundation in Tanzania, and a basic computer room. Sebald, who runs the Foundation, told me that those who have progressed further with their studies help the younger ones, and the computer room is much appreciated. (That's after the electricity supply was installed!)www.valenovafoundation.com 

For those less fortunate, of which there are many, they hope to receive a place in one of the Charity's kindergartens or be able to attend secondary school via sponsorship. (Details of how you can help are on my Tanzania page.)

I firmly believe that education changes lives. How much poorer would mine have been if I hadn't been able to read or write? It's an incomprehensible thought to a writer, and for most of us.

I remember being told that school days would be the best of my life. I don't believe that's the case now I'm a certain age but, without those days and the opportunity to learn, I know I certainly would be a different person to the one I am now.

Did you enjoy your school days? Do you have a story to tell?