Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Midsummer Supper and the Gym

Life has been hectic since my last post!

I gave a talk to a local supper club in Barston last week on how I compiled the Anthology. I raised enough funds from this to buy 540 loaves of bread for the children in Tanzania, which was a lovely outcome to an enjoyable evening.

A few of the ladies read stories and poems to us from the Anthology. These included Peter Caunt's story "The End of School" about how some children struggle to have an education", and Stephen Atkinson's tale "Reflections in a Hubcap" centred on a boy's hope and dreams that his father and mother might one day be reconciled.

The poems included Mary Daniels "Hope and Dreams" which reflects the aims of the Charity, and Jillian Todd's "Friday Night, Working Mother" about how we dream of having the housework done for the weekend, when we do finally get home from work.

I've also been at the gym this week helping Tom, my youngest son, start his business. It's been fun! New members get a T shirt and water bottle, and individual training programmes depending on their goal whether it's fitness, weight loss, becoming a better athlete and so on.

I've enjoyed meeting lots of new people and handing out leaflets to advertise what he's doing. The gym should be featured in the Warwick Courier newspaper this week. If you'd like to read more the link is upgradedperformance.co.uk

Have I stopped being a writer because of the  activities I've been involved in? No! The talk has led me to think of a new magazine article about the Anthology which I can submit, and I've written a poem from the experiences I've had this week.

I sat in the garden for half an hour on Friday night and one of the characters in my novel came to mind. I scribbled 500 words about her, and which I enjoyed doing as I haven't progressed the plot very far in the last couple of weeks.

And because it's midsummer my last photo is of one
of my favourite flowers, the peace rose.

Please leave a comment, and share the times that have inspired you this week.