Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Monk, Books and the Anthology

I finished writing 4000 words yesterday, this week's target on the novel. I've been working on the Anthology sales; decluttering the house and  a new poem has also appeared.

I have had a number of repeat orders for the Anthology to send out, which has been good news. Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy.

I've also been asked to give a talk next month to a local supper group on how I compiled it, and  have been thinking about what I'll say. I'll definitely mention the  many wonderful stories and poems entered in the writing competition I ran last year, with  lots of different interpretations of the hope and dreams theme, and that I enjoyed reading them all.  

Then, quite unexpectedly a couple of days ago, the plot for Book 2 of the Monk's story came properly to mind.

I wasn't intending for it to happen as I already had another storyline for my second novel, set in Cornwall in the 1840's, and which I've been writing sporadically for the last few months. I've been unable though to get beyond the idea, intangible as it was, that there's more to happen in the Monk, Durstan's life. 

I guess his stature has grown as I've been doing historical research into the eighth century, early Christianity and the spirituality of the Celts. And it's a love story too, which was a little easier to write!

It came to fruition this week however when I decided to sort through my book collection as part of the house declutter, and donate a few to the local charity shop. When I started to look through the ones I'd accumulated for the novel, I was lost! How could I dispose of these when the story wasn't finished? More ideas presented themselves as I looked, and I now have a workable plot for Durstan Book 2.

I'll find some different ones tomorrow to pass onto the Charity shop. I hope they won't mind.

Inspiration often comes when least expected. What has inspired you this week?